Yale Now Stocks Bottled Water


We are now stocking cases of bottled water. You can now add water by the case to any of your orders whether it is at your branch’s counter or online. Make sure that your crew is always hydrated on the job. Click here to add bottled water to your next Yale order.

Bottled water can be added onto any order both in-store and online. Cannot be purchased and/or delivered by itself.

Importance of Hydration:

With the weather warming up, it is critical to prioritize effective hydration. Hydration has a significant impact on your overall health and should always be accounted for in the workplace. Failing to intake enough water can not only bring about short-term complications like fatigue, dizziness, and muscle cramps, but can also lead to long-term problems such as increased blood pressure and digestive issues.

Aside from health problems, lack of appropriate hydration also impacts workplace productivity. Even slight dehydration has been found to affect mood, increase irritability levels and ultimately take a toll job performance. Drinking ample amounts of water will help you achieve a proper state of mind to effectively work well with other employees and accomplish your job responsibilities.

However, despite the many health and productivity related issues that are linked to dehydration, many people fail to take it into consideration and do not drink enough water. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your job and not take the time to properly hydrate. However busy you may be, you should always make an effort to drink the right amount of water. Below are some tips on how to stay hydrated in the workplace.

  • Have water present in meeting/conference rooms

  • Bring water with you during your commute and when you are travelling to and from job sites

  • Drink water during your breaks at work

  • Download a hydration app on your phone to track your water intake and see if you are reaching hydration goals

  • Add natural fruits such as orange slices or lemons into your water to enhance flavor and encourage you to drink your water more

  • Bring hydrating foods to work such as watermelons, apples, lettuce, and celery

And always remember, whatever you do, take water with you!

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